Executive Coaching

Just like our coaches searches, finding the right fit between you and your Executive Coach is critical for maximizing your experience and results. Competency, experience, success and leadership are just a few of the important traits one should be looking for when hiring an Executive Coach. The Coaches Agency’s Executive Coach program has 50+ years of leadership experience. That experience includes a number of multinational organizations. Those organizations include GE Capital, General Motors, HSBC Financial, the Special Olympics, the FBI, US Olympic & Paralympic Committee, and NCAA Division I, II and III institutions.   

One on one conversations with an Executive Coach have proven to be a valuable tool in career development for executive leadership. The Coaches Agency can provide you with a chance to discover more about what will make you a more successful coach, athletic director, conference commissioner or senior leader from someone who has been there.​

As a leader, you are constantly measured on how you respond to each stakeholder, each crisis and how you navigate complex, high-level issues. You are measured on how you manage your staff, your team, and how you develop a high performance culture and a sustainable mindset – all of which translate to optimal performance. The challenges and opportunities discussed in confidence with your Executive Coach can broaden your perspective, enhance your personal brand, and strengthen your resolve, results and credibility.​ An Executive Coach will bring valuable insight to the table by allowing the client to candidly share challenges and issues that they aren’t able to share with peers or management.  

What else does an Executive Coach bring to the table? The value-add assistance of sharing strategies and ideas from individuals who actively work with some of the most prominent and successful professional sports coaches. The combination of executive leadership experiences and sports management experiences are the most powerful approach to self-improvement. When business or team leaders work together with an Executive Coach, the personal brand can soar. Reach out to The Coaches Agency to speak to someone who’s been there today. We are ready to help you be your best self.

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