THE COACHES AGENCY Hiring the right coach for your program should be an exciting opportunity to expand organizational opportunities and launch new program strategies. 01 THE COACHES AGENCY The Coaches Agency has the personnel and the resources to make the process confidence-inspiring, manageable and inclusive. 02 THE COACHES AGENCY The Coaches Agency is a coaches search firm. Period. Reach out to discover how we can do the heavy lifting by managing your coaching search. 03

How We Help You Succeed

Unlike typical executive search firms, The Coaches Agency doesn’t just add ‘Athletics’ as one of our areas of expertise. Our trusted associates have formed genuine relationships with more than 120 combined years of leadership and sports management experience. We apply those same philosophies to build rapport throughout the search process. We understand our work reflects on the institution that we represent. We are committed to treat you and your staff with the highest level of respect as well as the candidates that we interact with, whether they are your final selection or not. Our extensive network allows us to focus on finding the right coach for your program. The Coaches Agency uses a defined process of communication, coupled with confidentiality and a commitment to diversity. We are your one-stop coaches search firm.

Extensive Network

Our 120+ years of combined experience across intercollegiate athletics, sports clubs, sports administration and professional sports have garnered hundreds of sports industry connections. Our experience provides a competitive advantage for The Coaches Agency in terms of candidate recruitment, selection and character references.

Focused Approach

The Coaches Agency understands the right fit is key. We work together with the client to implement a process from start to finish with a laser-focused approach. We give special attention to student-athletes’ needs and the university’s immediate and future priorities. We ensure the candidate understands the role he/she will play at the institution. 

Efficient Process

Utilizing a thorough process, The Coaches Agency begins by developing a timeline to meet the institution’s needs. We make certain the candidates are well-versed and can hit the ground running if hired. They also understand the institution’s priorities and goals as well as the resources and challenges. This work helps us present fully-vetted, highly qualified candidates. 

Professional Confidentiality

Having worked in senior leadership roles, we pride ourselves in bringing professionalism, integrity and confidentiality to the search process for clients and candidates alike. The Coaches Agency conducts exhaustive sourcing, extensive screening and preliminary interviews of the candidates. We understand and prioritize the highly confidential nature of a coach’s search.

Committed to Diversity

The Coaches Agency respects the diverse nature of individuals. We understand the impact an inclusive community can have on an organization and an athletics program. We pride ourselves on finding the right candidate for each search, regardless of the candidate’s ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religion or any other defining characteristic that can be discriminatory in nature.

Experienced Negotiators

The Coaches Agency has years of experience in negotiating the final contract. We understand the disappointment and associated implications of finding the ideal candidate and failing to close the deal. As experienced negotiators, we listen intensely to candidates’ personal and professional priorities. We work with the institution to present compelling offers that seal the deal.


Meet Our Team

Neil Glasberg
Frank Cuervo
Associate Partner
Wendy Guthrie
Associate Partner
Francis Reidy
Associate Partner

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