Coaches and Management

Unlike typical executive search firms, The Coaches Agency doesn’t just add ‘Athletics’ as one of our areas of expertise. We have more than 90 combined years of leadership and sports management experience. Our trusted advisors have formed genuine relationships. Our sizable network allows us to focus on finding the right coach or manager for your program. The Coaches Agency uses a defined process of communication, coupled with confidentiality and a commitment to diversity. Look at us as your one-stop coaches search firm.

Our relationships, knowledge and experience at the collegiate and professional level is extensive. It provides The Coaches Agency a competitive advantage. In particular, our business model is completely differentiated from management search firms. As trusted partners, we specialize and are focused on singularly recruiting coaches and managers. We customize each search to find the best coach at the right time. Keep in mind, a head coach’s mindset, personality, character references, responsibilities and results-orientation vary significantly from typical attributes in management roles.

We urge hiring managers not to rely on friendly referrals or booster contacts as the primary source for candidates. We will utilize our extensive contacts with thought leaders across the country to focus on the right person for the right job. Our well-developed relationships across sports in North America allow us to help clients by widening the scope of the search to offer well-qualified candidates. These candidates will come prepared to pitch their stories and gameplans. We present highly qualified candidates. Prior to presenting them, we will conduct extensive background and reference checks along with maintaining complete confidentiality for both the candidates and our clients. We will be with you every step of the way during this coaching search – including offering our extensive experience with high-level negotiations.  

While we won’t say we have coaching and management searches down to a science, we can tell you that we’re not far off. Reach out to The Coaches Agency today to learn more.